Ansgar Leiten


A scandinavian painter, sculptor and poet who has developed his brilliant artistic activity over more than 60 years, in a quiet family environment: the Great North; where silence is poetry and nature, with its fjords, reveals itself to be majestic and seductive; far from the clamour of worldly life.

An artistic journey that has embraced various phases and pictorial techniques, including an immense output of paintings and sculptures, as well as poems and essays. A path that winds through numerous creative forms, ranging from the series of watercolours depicting the boundless, melancholic Nordic landscapes; the still life series of the second post-war period, the abstract figurative works, abstract expressionism, cubism, collage; or the "red phase" as he called it, in the 1980s, were inspired by a journey he took in the Soviet Union.

He worked hard to research and refine his countless styles, leaving a heritage of considerable depth and relevance, and an indelible imprint of his great love for art.

Den Store Reisa – Articolo di Norske Billedkunstnere