Antonio Cursano

His paintings, or rather the Cursano pittosculptures, live on materials, layers of chromatic superimpositions, spatula marks engraved in colour to form a structure made of free motion in space. This intact element is the basis of Cursano's work, which in defining forms and modelling, both in painting and in sculpture, highlights the depth of the image, the subjective perspective that all of us can identify with, depending on our sensitivity . In Cursano's artworks, another interesting element is the concept of the indefinite, which is immediately understood as an element of expression that develops on the support.

A sculptor and a painter, Antonio Cursano seeks in art the truth of existence, thanks to the purity of forms and the dynamism of pictorial gestures, which allows us to perceive the immediacy, movement and creativity in its creation, as in our own lives. In his monumental sculptures in Carrara marble, the full and empty spaces are refined, revealing and concealing, depending on the observation point, anthropomorphic elements, figurations and abstractions, which are frequently inserted into vertical compositions, as in a spiritual hiatus.


Antonio Cursano was born in Nyon Oise in France on July 01, 1969 and lives in Savona; approached to the material painting almost by chance, he tries to express his vision of life with the use of matter, shaping it and enriching it with bright colors. Then thanks to the meeting with the Master and Head School of Sculptomaieutica Cesare Crugni and his manual skills, he finds equal expression in the sculpture of marble, performing informal works with soft and warm lines. He exhibits in various shows in his city, he participates in the international exhibition of contemporary art at the art gallery Satura in the city of Genoa, he participates in numerous competitions, among them Cairo Mondadori Editore, he exhibits at the biennial of Genoa, he exhibits at Flangini palace at the contemporary exhibition in Venice, he organizes a personal exhibition in his city at Studio Design Altre Dimore.


"Body and Soul," the sculpture dedicated to the Firefighters: