Eva Amos

Eva Amos

An eclectic artist, she prefers to work on the portraits of ordinary and extraordinary people, and has the ability to animate the souls and the feelings of her subjects. The colours she uses are always bright and lively, and characterise her style, which was realistic to begin with, but with her transfer to Italy, later took on unique and personal nuances.

Eva Amos, a creator of cultural events in Italy and abroad, is a young Russian artist, the daughter of two painters from whom she learned the secrets of colours from the earliest years of her life. Through the works she created in Italy, Eva found the inspiration to paint and in her own style using bright, vivid colours. Starting with abstractionism to realism, this portraitist has created more than 40 paintings that have been disseminated throughout Italy as well as overseas in private collections, mostly in her country of origin, Russia.

Exhibitions and events

DAMARS mostra collettiva con la partecipazione di Vittorio Sgarbi, 6-9/03 2018, museo d’arte e scienza Milano

L’ARTE è FEMMINILE 22/11 2017, spazio ARS Milano

ICONS 12/10/2017, spazio ARS Milano

PREMIER, milano fashion night, 14.09.2017, Milano Fashion Library (sfilata di moda e vernissage dei quadri)

MAKE ART NOT WAR 09.06.2017, Milano, spazio PERVINCA

RINASCIMENTO SICILIANO, galleria ARTE A TEMA, maggio-giugno 2017, Catania

“Leonardo Da Vinci Uomo Universale tra arte e scienza”, Museo d’arte e scienza, 23.02.17 – 06.03.2017, Milano

ARS ET LUX, MILANO, Spazio Casa Teatro, via Tortona 14, 26.10.-03.11.2016

WATERMARK, Venezia, parecchia San Nicola di Tolentini 23.11-1.12.2016

ARS GRATIA ARTIS, Lugano MUST gallery, Svizzera 30.08.16-11.09.16

“MIARS” mostra collettiva con la partecipazione di Vittorio Sgarbi, Lambretto factory, Mulano, 4/5/6 dicembre 2018

“DESIDERIUM” mostra personale, Studio Manzoni, Milano, 22/01/2019