Mauro Rondelli

Mauro Rondelli

Mauro Rondelli lives and works in Savona. An atypical photographer, for several years he has tried to experiment with new techniques for photographic expression. Through his images he carries forward an expressive search that is distinguished by superimposing visual frames to create new images that are related to each other. A typical example is the work called "Strappi di realtà", in which different images merge into a single reality, creating a new and sometimes unreal space-time image.

His personal research begins with photographic collage techniques using both photosensitive printing materials and polaroids, sometimes intervening with the use of acrylic colours. The result is a "collage" that consists of executing "tears" in multiple photographs, through which the actual image merges with the virtual one, creating an effect of duality that is at the centre of his experimentation. It is also an introspective journey into the individual, placing the fragility of being in time, dominated and characterised by the media influences of the society in which we live. In his works, ironic and grotesque images often reveal the fragility of people and the typical behavioural rituals that ultimately form part of Western culture. His stylistic research is also highlighted in his latest works "Frammenti d'arte" in which classics are revisited in a personal way with the use of polaroid films and acrylic colours, to create the space-time ambiguity his personal research is based on.


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