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Sculptomaieutics is a way to express art through a new sculpting technique: sculpting inside. In visual art, sculpture has always been considered reality; we are immersed in the universe, we cannot build it but we can only work and live in it. For this reason all arts and thoughts, men and artists of all times have always aspired, by innate instinct, to the truth that each of us has in our innermost being. From the atom to the galaxies, light, life and energy always spring from the nucleus outwards, from the fourth dimension; all cosmos-essence exists in the reality of things. The vast majority of the universe is invisible matter (cosmo-labyrinth); the great master sculptor Michelangelo Buonarroti used to say: "you see a block, think of the image, the image is inside, you just have to strip it". I said to myself: "If I can think of the image imprisoned in the block, it means that my thought and my energy have already penetrated into it, between the empty spaces and the full spaces; thus, through my sculpture, it is as if I were taking an X-ray of my imagination and transmitting it to others". If we think of our body and our mind in its marvellous cellular composition and myriad of atoms we realise that these, from within, infuse us with life, energy and intelligence of thought. For all these reasons I leave the block of marble unaltered in its original external form, as it is already a natural cosmo-sculpture in itself unrepeatable. The work links the slits and holes, which have become symbols, with the actual sculpture inside, in a single whole. In this way thoughts are associated and multiplied, giving new expressive and creative possibilities. With the Scultomaieutica of which I am the founder, a new generation of sculpture begins in the art of "removing", in the hope that, through this new technique and the message of art, humanity can better understand our reality and that of the universe.

Cesare Crugni


Cesare CrugniBiography

Creator of Sculptomaieutics. Born in Savona on July 6, 1937. Numerous personal exhibitions and participation in major exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Articles, presentations, reviews on his work have appeared in newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, books and national and international art catalogs: Bolaffi, Art Diary, Enciclopedia Motta, Enciclopedia d'Arte Comanducci, "Un Anno d'Arte" (Fabbri Editori), Bedeutende Vertreter der Italienischen Kunst (Vaduz - FLB - Lugano) included among the greatest artists of all time with the highest recognition of Magister Praeclarus, Guadalimar (Madrid), Monograph "Cesare Crugni - head of the school of Sculptomaieutics" published by the De Mari Foundation, cover of the volume "Cent'anni di solitudine - Rompere la crosta" for the centenary of the birth of Cesare Pavese published in 2008 by the Permanent Observatory on Pavese studies in the world and by CE.PA.M. (Centro Pavesiano casa natale). Invited to the Castello di Rivoli, Biennale di Venezia, Artefiera Bologna, Club dei Club di Roma, Auditorium del Louvre (Paris) at the invitation of the director of the Museum Michel Laclotte, Exhibition Palazzo Ducale di Genova, Fortezza Priamar, La "Campanassa" (Palazzo del Brandale, Savona), Ethnographic Museum of Cervo (Castle, Imperia), Arturo Martini Museum (Villa Groppallo, Vado Ligure), Castello Sforzesco (Sant'Angelo Lodigiano), Grazzano Visconti Theatre, Palazzo Farnese (Piacenza), Exhibition Headquarters of RAI (1985), Villa Reale of Monza, Galleria Ettore Agrati (Monza), Festival dei Due Mondi (Spoleto), Museo del Vetro di Altare, Palazzo della Provincia (Catanzaro), Prefettura di Savona (with the presence of President Francesco Cossiga), Prefettura di Savona (with the presence of President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi), San Remo World Competition, Lions Club of Imperia, Palazzo Nervi (Savona), Villa Cambiaso (Savona), Casinò di San Pellegrino Terme, Expo di Savona, Teatro Filodrammatico di Piacenza, personal exhibition "Introiezioni, le forme interiori del marmo" - Savona honours Cesare Crugni - 2007 (Museo Pinacoteca Civica di Savona), Teatro Sacco di Savona. Interviews have been dedicated to him in radio stations and several television programs (national and private Rai). Have shown appreciation and interest in his art scholars, journalists, critics, important personalities in various fields, including: Pope Benedict XVI, Sir James Noel White (former Vice President of Unesco as well as President and Honorary Officer of the World Crafts Council ) who said of him: "Cesare Crugni's art shows the reality of the art of his time", Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Première Dame Carla Sarkozy, Federico Zeri, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, Glauco Partel, Sandro Bondi (Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities), Sheik Khaled Siddiq Al Mutawaa (Etihad Modern Art Gallery - Abu Dhabi), Salvatore Settis, Vittorio Sgarbi, Jindřich Smetana (Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and President of EU Art Critics), Giovanni Sciola (Director of the Italian Institute of Culture in Prague), Yuji Nakamura (Ambassador of Japan in Rome), Francesco Buranelli (Secretary Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church), Philip Rylands (Director Guggenheim Museum in Venice), Cardinal and Archbishop of Cologne Joachim Meisner, the President of the Chamber of Deputies Irene Pivetti, Christian Frémont (Director of the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of France), Pius Piazolo, Don Andrea Gallo, Giacomo Migoni (President of the Italian Art Critics), Giammaria Visconti di Modrone, Paloma Picasso, Heinrick Kuch, Siegfried Burmester, Peter Gerlinghoff, Luciano Pasquale, Umberto Albini, Charlotte Pawlowitsch, Beatrice Paolozzi Strozzi (Director National Museum of the Bargello in Florence), Antonino De Bono, Pedro Fiori, Ugo Piacentini, Piero Badaloni, Antonio Catalfamo, Liliana Fioriti and Giorgio Coggiola, Giovanni Farris, Oreste de Fornari, Aldo Repetto (Ansa), Pier Antonio Zanoni (Rai Uno), Manfred and Marina Beelke, Giuseppe Giangrande, Aldo Pastore, Marco Pennone, Monica Brondi, Luciano Minguzzi, Angelo Maria Raggi, Giorgio Falossi, Dolores Caldanzano, Giancarlo Ruffino, Tino Parma. Cesare Crugni lives and works in Savona.