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by Alexandre Mora Sverzut

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by Alexandre Mora Sverzut

MORA Modern Art Gallery

Brazilian plastic artist Alexandre Mora Sverzut and independent curator Ingrid Rampini open Mora Modern Art Gallery in Savona, Italy in 2018.
Conceived to welcome and propose the multiple expressions resulting from Mora's extensive artistic research, the gallery also constantly dialogues with national and international multidisciplinary exponents with whom it collaborates in the development and implementation of projects.
The founders wanted to keep alive dialogues of reflection and criticism, between art and thought, between modern and contemporary; through the proposal of some works by exponents and protagonists of Italian and European avant-garde movements.

the curator

Ingrid Rampini

Ingrid Rampini (1967), independent curator, lives and works in Savona. Co-founder in 2018, together with the Brazilian artist Alexandre Mora Sverzut of the Mora Modern Art Gallery. Since 2012 she has been working on the organization of all the performer's artistic/cultural events. Collaborates since 1996 with the Norwegian painter Leiten Elvira for whom she curates over the years solo and group exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.

"I like to define myself as an embedded curator, an adjective that describes very well the constant dialogue I have with the artist; as a witness and observer the perspective from which I look is always the internal one, both physical, experiencing the construction of the work in real time; and both psychological, sharing personal as well as technical details that allow me to reunite the objectivity of the work produced with the humanity of the author. For me, art is above all a question of love and intellect, and it is precisely of this that my grandfather Ansgar Leiten painter and sculptor, an important Scandinavian exponent who lived from 1908 to 1992, for me a great example of artistic coherence, always spoke to me.
He taught me not to love art that was not ambitious and that accepted to be only decoration, or pure entertainment, that did not have a formal, cultural, political content, or an alternative vision, that did not awaken a search for meaning. This is why I believe that today the messages that art can convey are more precious than ever. It is about helping to stimulate sensitivity and attention. "

"For me, art is above all a question of love and intellect"

firma Ingrid Rampini

"For me, art is above all a question of love and intellect"

firma Ingrid Rampini W