Rosa Nasti

Rosa Nasti finds the inspiration for creating her dreamlike works by using a primordial technique, and prefers to use boards rather than canvases, on which she can put colours without a mixing process, to create a brighter colour effects using just five basic colours.

Among her creations are also painted prints (mixed technique), and painted PhotoShop images.

Her inspiration is the Mexican painter Frida Kalho.

Rosa Nasti


Rosa Nasti was born in Ovada in 1960, and currently lives and works in Savona. After her Magistrale education, she had a period of dance and theatrical training at the Theatre Company Pippo Delbono, an also worked as a street artist. She then pursued a specialisation in Naturopathy.

Surrealism in her paintings, where there is a strong impact, but of nuanced humor, of fantastic elements combined with seemingly incongruous objects; the artist is inspired in the creation of her dreamlike works by the world of theatre, the poets of the Beat Generation and Mexican traditions and folklore. Her technique is primordial, where the use of boards is preferred to canvases and where colours can be directly distributed without the mixing process.

Among her projects and performances, we should mention:

1995 – Mostra Palazzo del Comune di Savona, Savona

1995 –  Mostra presso Centro Il Gabbiano, Savona

1996-1997 – Realizzazione, in qualità di docente, performance video pittura-danza, Scuola Materna Giribbone, Savona

1996-1999 – Lavora nel restauro artistico, presso la ditta del marito, Giuseppe Balleri

1998 – Mostra Collettiva a Celle Ligure. La giuria le assegna il 1° premio all’opera “ Festa al Villaggio”

2001-2004 – Amministratrice della Cooperativa Sociale Pantarei, Cooperativa di restauro artistico, con la quale parteciperà e vincerà la gara d’appalto relativa al restauro del Teatro Sivori di Finale Ligure (SV)

2010 – Mostra presso Villa Cambiaso a cura del Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi, Savona

2013 – Mostra presso Caffè Curtatone, Firenze

2014 – Mostra presso Villa Cambiaso, Savona – organizzata con la collaborazione di Massimo Verrando ed Erica Congia , dal titolo “Elogio alla Follia”, dedicato all’artista messicana Frida Kahlo.

2017 – Mostra presso spazio espositivo degli Artisti, Bussana Vecchia (IM)

Laboratório aperto, Bussana Vecchia, with Alexandre Mora Sverzut

"La Nave dei Folli" (The Ship of Fools)

"When we observe with the Intent to go beyond physicality, we discover worlds of Power, We see through the mist." Mastery of Intent to the primordial force of the universe, it succeeds in aligning one's possibilities to the fullest through action, in it we find Power and Magic. The Toltec Shamans saw clearly the creative action of Intent; they understood that they could engage this force. To do so they had to seek flawlessness in every action and thus make themselves available to the Touch of Infinity. When one achieves mastery of Intent, the Power merges with that of the Infinite, therefore every action one will perform will be an action of Intent. When one aligns with this power, without succumbing to the impulses of personal importance, one acts guided by the Infinite itself, which far transcends human form. The very action of painting and writing the experience of my Toltec Shamanic Recapitulation was the force I found by aligning myself with the Power of the Infinite, obeying the laws of Intent, the energy that governs every visible and invisible manifestation of the Cosmos.