Conditions of purchase

1. Shipping

Each work is carefully packaged by the artist according to standardized packaging specifications. The work is then entrusted to a specialized courier. Delivery times will be agreed between you and the courier and the work will be delivered to the address indicated at the time of order. The packaging and delivery costs for the work are paid by Art Gallery Mora. Shipping costs will be invoiced only if the customer expressly requests that the work be framed (due to additional weight), or if the delivery destination is not covered by our courier and involves the use of a different courier. Under non-preferential conditions the rates are mandatory. Should the work arrive damaged, Art Gallery Mora will pay the return costs and will handle any compensation between the artist and the buyer. If the work cannot be repaired or restored, the customer will be refunded immediately.
  • Shipping costs include professional packaging of the purchased work.
  • Shipping costs are not included in the price of the artwork but must be paid at the same time of the purchase of the artwork itself, except for special promotions. All information will be provided to the email address indicated.
  • For deliveries to countries outside the EU, taxes and customs duties may apply, if and where applicable, which are not included in the purchase price of the work of art, but which must be paid in addition. All information will be provided to the email address provided.
  • Delivery times depend on the area to which the work will be shipped. Generally, the shipment of a work of art is a complex and delicate operation that requires special attention in packaging. This implies a slightly longer time than the shipping of other products. For this reason it is not easy to establish a valid delivery time in all cases. However, once the purchase has been made, we will inform you of the expected delivery time. In any case, you can ask for information about your delivery by writing to

Unless otherwise specified in the order confirmation, our deliveries are normally made within the first week of the date of purchase of the work of art, considering that each work, as previously indicated, has or may require special care for packaging (made ad hoc).

Shipping and delivery times are, in principle, except in special and/or unforeseen cases, between 4-7 days in Italy and between 10-14 days abroad. However, we will inform the Customer of the exact timing.

  • The Customer will be notified of the tracking number of the shipment by sending the data to the e-mail address provided..
  • No responsibility can be attributed to the seller for delayed or non-delivery due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.
  • In such a case, please give notice as soon as possible by writing to:


  • All shipments of our works can be insured and the costs will be borne by the buyer. If requested, all information will be provided to the email address indicated, on costs.


  • Each work of art is prepared for shipment in specially designed packaging to preserve its integrity. For particular packages we provide all the instructions for opening, particularly in the case of sculpture

For special needs please do not hesitate to contact us by writing to :


  • For our shipments we have made agreements with the best companies operating in the sector and at the best prices.

We can make deliveries to any destination: Italy, Europe, Extra EU.


  • Each consignment is accompanied by an invoice, certificates of authenticity and, in the case of purchase in a non-European country, where necessary and required, export permits issued by the competent office.

Delivery is insured from the start to the destination.

You can also pick up the work purchased directly from Art gallery Mora.


2. Payment

On the website of Art GAllery Mora you can pay with PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. For all transactions beyond your credit limit, you can contact us directly. We are required to verify every transfer as part of the fight against fraud and money laundering.

3. Guarantee

Art Gallery Mora guarantees reliability and traceability. All the artists on the platform have been specially selected and certify that they sell only works of which they are the creators. Each work is delivered to the buyer together with a certificate of authenticity. The photographs are numbered and signed. Each customer can contact us to receive a new copy of his certificate.

4. Return

You have a withdrawal period of 14 days, starting from the day you receive the work: if the work does not correspond to what you expected, you can send it back to the artist. Art Gallery Mora takes care of the return costs, so that you can buy without problems.