The Gallery

The Mora Modern Art Gallery has opened in July 2018, born from the passion and love for art by the Brazilian artist Alexandre Mora Sverzut and the curator Ingrid Rampini, companions in life and work.

Located in the heart of Savona, near the marina, the Gallery currently displays a permanent of 11 high-level national and international artists: Italy, Brazil, France, Russia and Norway are represented. Through their works the artists give life to new dialogues between reflection and criticism, between art and thought, between art and life.

The Gallery is conceived as a tool for artists and for all contemporary art actors such as critics and collectors; a structure through which to develop long-term projects, supporting artists throughout the process.


Art Gallery Mora 1
Art Gallery Mora 2


Corporate Art Collection

We provide advice for companies and freelancers who decide to invest in contemporary art, starting a Corporate Art Collection to create and strengthen corporate identity and stand out from the competition.

Yacht furnishings

We provide consulting services to furnish and decorate yatches with works of art.

Wedding lists

We offer the opportunity to realize wedding lists, according to taste, budget and spaces that you want to furnish, as well as personalized artist favors.

National and international shipments are available.

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