Art Gallery Mora


Alexandre Mora Sverzut

Critics have defined his art as a new conceptual pop art, or a “re-representation of the naive style”. His artistic creativity has created a new language, the fruits of a passion for the human psyche in all its nuances, whose chromatic strength echoes the Fauvism movement.

Missionary Man - 70x50cm - pastelli e collage su carta

Eva Amos

An eclectic artist, she prefers to work on the portraits of ordinary and extraordinary people, and has the ability to animate the souls and the feelings of her subjects. The colours she uses are always bright and lively, and characterise her style, which was realistic to begin with, but with her transfer to Italy, later took on unique and personal nuances.

Cesare Crugni

«With a reversal of perspective that is at the basis of the principle of sculpture itself, Crugni keeps the exterior shape of a marble block unchanged and sculpts the interior instead. The Scultomaieutica (from the Greek “maieutiké téchne”), of which Crugni is the only exponent and undisputed leader of the school is this: to give birth to the ideas of the stone, the forms and meanings that are already platonically contained in it.»
(Museo Pinacoteca Civica di Savona, settembre 2007)

Cesare Crugni - Tecnocrazia

Antonio Cursano

A sculptor and a painter, Antonio Cursano seeks in art the truth of existence, thanks to the purity of forms and the dynamism of pictorial gestures, which allows us to perceive the immediacy, movement and creativity in its creation, as in our own lives.

Spiraglio - 160x130 cm - Tecnica mista

Paolo Giallombardo

When we see the master’s works, we inevitably recall the great artistic season of Albisola, which had defined the town as “Athens of Liguria”. From primordial clay to masterpiece. The artist’s name is internationally known. Magical suggestiveness of the great orbicular ceramics, the glazed ceramic panels, mythological subjects, poetic, real, transfigured by the magic of the oven.

Ansgar Leiten

A scandinavian painter, sculptor and poet who has developed his brilliant artistic activity over more than 60 years, in a quiet family environment: the Great North; where silence is poetry and nature, with its fjords, reveals itself to be majestic and seductive; far from the clamour of worldly life.

Elvira Leiten

In some of her works, which have been on show with the breath of dawn, the painter seems to have arrived at pure innocence. Thus the licenses of spirituality, dignity and value are presented by a lovable artist who always knows how to recognise traces of God at every point of the Universe, in every fold of being, in every movement of the spirit, in the beauty of the world, which will remain visible as long as artists capable of suffering and understanding exist.

Rosa Nasti

Surrealism in her paintings, where we find a strong impact, but a nuanced humor, of fantastic elements combined with apparently incongruent objects. The artist is inspired in her creation of dreamlike works by the theater world, by the poets of the Beat Generation and by the Mexican traditions and folklore. Her technique is primordial, as she prefers the use of boards where she can directly distribute the colors without the mixing process.


I want to live forever - 85x86

Mauro Rondelli

Through his images he carries forward an expressive search that is distinguished by superimposing visual frames to create new images that are related to each other. A typical example is the work called “Strappi di realtà”, in which different images merge into a single reality, creating a new and sometimes unreal space-time image.

Pio Vintera

People who pass in front of the paintings by Pio Vintera have the feeling their being stimulated to recall different moments of the choral history of Savona, or to re-live private emotions.