Alexandre Mora Sverzut

MORA Sverzut Alexandre, who is self-taught, began his artistic career in the nineties in Brazil, his native country. In this first pictorial activity the creations, are mainly performed using recycled materials; works inspired by the city of Paulista. From 2007 he starts his second artistic phase, the European one; moving to Italy where he currently lives and works.

Passionate about psychiatry, sociology, anthropology and political games, he discovered new gestural languages ​​and impressions, the result of the many experiences made during his many travels around the world. Creations represented by paintings, installations, photos and sculptures, which respond to fundamental requirements: the centrality of the unconscious, always present in the representations of the world that the artist intends to portray, so that the images he projects on the canvas pass through a gesture that expresses its intimate perception; the reference to abstract art concerns above all the figures that the painter traces in a form relevant to his imagination, creating a sort of “oxymoronic figurative abstraction”; the chromatic strength that impacts, highlights the same shapes that seem to spring up and take life on the canvas. The traits and forms are deliberately simple in order to emphasise what is dramatic and, at the same time, to de-dramatize the most ghastly events, making reality more acceptable.


Exhibitions and events


Alexandre Mora Sverzut,”Retalhos”,Villa Cambiaso, Savona, IT, september 6/13, 2012


Alexandre Mora Sverzut, “Artisti del vecchio e del nuovo mondo”, Villa Cambiaso”, Savona IT, 13/09-20/09, 2014


Alexandre Mora Sverzut , “Artisti o Gladiatori”, Museo Archeologico,Stadio Domiziano, Rome, IT october 21/31, 2015

Paratissima 2015 ,”Caos o Ordine”, Esposizione Generale, Tourin, IT November 4/8, 2015


Art Expo Innsbruck, rappresentato dalla Galleria La Telaccia, Innsbruck, Austria, Gennaio 28/31, 2016

Red Art Party, esposizione arte, terrazza Martini Duomo, Milano, IT, 1 Maggio, 2016

Mostra Baccanale presso la Tenuta La Marchesa, Gavi, Alessandria, IT, 29 Maggio, 2016

Mostra personale presso Museo Cívico di Villa Groppallo, Vado Ligure, Savona, IT, 15/22 Luglio, 2016

Mostra Ars Gratia presso Must Gallery di Lugano, Svizzera, 30/8 – 11/9, 2016

Mostra Anime senza voce, evento internazionale d’arte contemporanea contro l’abuso minorile, Comune di Ravenna, IT, 02/9-04/9, 2016

Evento MEA Milan Fashion & Art, sponsor Milano Fashion Week, Hotel Sheraton Diana Majestic, Milano, IT, 26/09/2016

Mostra Ars Et Lux arte e luce, Spazio Casa Teatro, Milano, IT, 26/10/2016

Mostra Watermark, Parrocchia di San Nícola da Tolentini, Schöll dei lanieri Santa Croce, Venezia, IT, 23/11/2016


Mostra Leonardo Da Vinci Uomo Universale, Museo d Arte e Scienza, Milano, IT, 23/02/2017

Mostra Rinascimento Siciliano, Galleria Arte a Tema, Catania, IT, 11/05/2017

Esibizione presso Giardino DEI Visionari, Milano, IT, 01/6/2017

Mostra Make Art Not War, Open Space Pervinca, Milano, IT, 08/6-12/06

Mostra presso SPA Luna et Stellis, 22/7-6/08, Bergeggi, Savona, IT, Sponsor Comune di Bergeggi

Mostra presso Fashion Library, curatore ARS Art Space, Milano, IT, 14/09

Mostra ,”Santa la soprannaturale extra brillante intelligente bonta’ dell’anima!” Laboratorio aperto, Bussana Vecchia, Imperia, IT, 18/9-30/9

Mostra ” L’ Arte femminil e'” dedicata alla bellezza contro la violenza sulle donne, ARS c/o Parini CoWorking, Milano, IT, 22/11-11/12


“Italia e Paraguay: Miradas Reciprocas”. Palazzo del Cabildo- Asuncion, Paraguay , 05 Giugno

Museo “Nahim Isaias”, Guayaquil, Ecuador

“Art Battle International” evento artistico pittura dal vivo , Albisola Marina, Savona, IT, 31 Agosto

“MIARS”, Lambretto Factory, Milano, IT, 4/12-6-12, 2018


International Art Exibition “Artisti all’ultima Thule”. Art Museum di Akureyri (Islanda)