Exhibition at Mora Modern Art Gallery – 10.00-19.00 from Monday to Saturday
Free entrance

The “LUZ” project by the Brazilian artist Alexandre Mora Sverzut consists of 21 paintings, all done in oil on paper, 2 panels and 11 sculptures produced with mixed techniques. The focus is on light, which through reflection enhances the subjects and transforms the figures’ intents into actions, interactions and essences. The oils are distributed across the black surface with incisive strokes. Preference is given to ochre, brown, green and cobalt blue with hints of brilliant red and bright spots; all skilfully arranged. Subjects which are very different from one another but all united in a luminous spatiality
where lines, imperceptible traces, bright drops and patches characterise the entire collection.
“LUZ” is a journey that fascinates, flowing impetuously from the soul of the artist, a journey that reveals an emotional kaleidoscope: dynamic gestures anticipate sensations, expressions of a natural and authentic talent that blends harmoniously into the depiction of space and atmosphere. The refined interplay between tones produces an evocative effect that gives vitality to the sequence of the works, leading the observer, now amazed, to contemplate the truth.

Ingrid Rampini – Art Curator


It’s light, it knows not:
It resurfaces at every rain
In lightning profiles
And stagnates at night:
A flare in the woods highlights
The sunset squalls,
Like stuttering rain drips
Driving the sylvan tangle.
Yarns of light like knitted wool
Form the blemishes of spring sun
In the renewed and regenerated sky.
Meanwhile, dusk prepares its simple
welcome to sundown,
But the light of spring is mirrored
in the moon and the marshlands
and overwhelms the dark.
It’s light, it knows not but triumphs.

Silvio Straneo – Poet


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